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football playbookfootball playbookHudl and coachs officefootball playbook

football playbook
Coach's Office Plays Hudl

Images for Hudl SlideShow Presentations (SlideShow Required)


The Coach's Office slideshow program activates a playbook feature named Application Compatible Images (ACI) to save entire pages and individual plays as images in a format to upload to Hudl Gold or Platinum. [SlideShow Presentation Program]


Save Playbook Pages for Hudl Presentations

  • Open Coach's Office playbook.

  • Go to the page to be saved as a Hudl ACI.

  • Click Save Page/Box as Image. (fig. 1)

    • The Save as Image dialog box displays on the page. (fig. 2)

  • Click Page. The Save Page(s) as Image Files dialog box displays.

Save Coach's Office playbook images for Hudl
fig. 1


Save Playbook pages for Hudl presentations
fig. 2

  • Browse to the target location to save the page image. (fig. 3)

  • Enter the page number(s) and/or range, following the example format on the screen. Space between entries and add a hyphen to a page range.

  • In the above example, the pages that will be saved are 129, 130, 131, 135.

  • Click Hudl in File Type. (fig. 3)

  • The page images are saved.

    • The Processing Page Number dialog box displays the page numbers as they are saved.

  • Upload images to Hudl. (See instructions below.)

hudl pages for presentations
fig. 3



football playbook

Robert Marve, Purdue; Aaron Murray, UGA;
Coach Weiner, Phillip Ely, Alabama


Robert Weiner, Head Coach,
H. B. Plant High School, FL

"The integration of Coach's Office and Hudl has had a dynamic impact on the learning process of our players. After all, football, at its root, is teaching and linking.


'Coach's Office to Hudl' has allowed us to approach every single one of our players at their learning style to optimize their abilities. Bottom line, smarter players are more explosive players, and our players are better, much better, because of the 'Coach's Office to Hudl' connection."



Save Individual Playbook Plays for Hudl Presentations

To save individual plays, follow the instructions above for saving pages. When you get to the Save Page/Box as Image dialog box, the play name is displayed in gray. (fig. 4)

  • The play name displayed in gray is the offense, front, and coverage, separated by an underscore (_).
  • Click Save Play. The play is saved as the displayed name.

  • Select another play and then click the Save button. To save time when saving several plays, the program prompts you to select another play and then save it. (fig. 4) .

  • Click Cancel when finished saving plays.

  • Upload image(s) to Hudl. (See instructions below.)



hudl plays
fig. 4

Hudl and Coach's OfficeUpload to Hudl


Upload the saved play and page images to Hudl presentation. This process takes place outside of Coach's Office software.

  • Log in to Hudl.

  • Go to the Dashboard, Library, and choose to Edit your presentation. (fig. 6)

fig. 6

  • Add Image. Upload the playbook images according to the presentations instructions in Hudl. (fig. 7)

  • Select Coach's Office Playbook images to upload. These are the images (play and pages) that were saved in the examples above. (fig. 8)

  • Create Presentation per Hudl instructions.

hudl images
fig. 8


Add Coach's Office playbook images to Hudle presentation.
fig. 7



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