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We Have Drawn 3 Basic Offense Formations & 32 Plays


Our team is pleased to present this set of free pre-drawn football plays that you can edit in Coach's Office.


Coach's Office users that use Wing-T tell us that there are many variations of this offense. The Wing-T formations, plays, and descriptions that we created for you are examples on which you can build.

  • Formation and plays for ages 7-9 and 9-12

  • Wing Right, Left

  • Waggle

  • Belly, Veer, Buck Sweep, Trap

  • Cross Buck, Pitch, Reverse, More

football diagramspbTo review and/or print the formations and plays, see the Coach's Office Wing-T Offense PDF. [PDF]


Install Options

There are two files available: chalkboard and playbook. Choose from the following install options.

  • Download the playbook (back up yours first) and save the plays from the playbook to the chalkboard. The result is a chalkboard with your current plays and the Wing-T Offense plays you saved. Keep the Wing-T Offense playbook to edit or reload your last saved one.

    • Remember that t he Youth Edition displays 50 plays. If you save more than that to the chalkboard, the remainder will not display.

  • Start new, replacing the current Coach's Office files with the Wing-T Offense chalkboard and playbook files.

  • Replace the chalkboard. Download the Wing-T chalkboard, replacing your current chalkboard.

I. Download Playbook (Replaces Current Playbook)

  1. Back up your current chalkboard and playbook database files to an external drive. DO NOT continue without doing this step. [Back up]

  2. Close Coach's Office software

  3. Locate the Coach's Office software folder, where you will save the download playbook

    • Windows XP: Local Drive C/Program Files/coachsoffice

    • Windows 8, 7, Vista: Local Drive C/coachsoffice

  4. Download the Wing-T Offense playbook to the Coach's Office folder and save the file. [download playbook]

  5. Open Coach's Office to view the Wing-T Offense playbook.

II. Save Plays to the Chalkboard from the Playbook

If you are new to Coach's Office, watch the software training tutorials to understand the operations and terms. [software tutorials] Note: When drawing new plays, all plays start in the chalkboard.

  1. Click the play box tool and click the play to be saved to the chalkboard

  2. Click the Load Chalkboard icon in the tool bar. The chalkboard opens, with the play displayed.

  3. Click the Save a Formation tool

  4. Click the offense box at the left and, if desired, rename the play. Click OK.

  5. Return to the playbook and continue until the desired plays are saved in the chalkboard.

West Coast Offense free pb West Coast Offense free plays


III. Reload Original Playbook (Optional)

Use the Coach's Office Import/Export Utility or MY Computer to reload your personal playbook that you backed up to an external drive. The final result is that the chalkboard file contains the Wing-T Offense plays that you saved there and any existing plays that were in the chalkboard - and your last playbook file.




football playbook

Wing-T Offense

Basic Wing-T Waggle Sweep


Start New with Coach's Office & Wing-T Offense

When you purchase Coach's Office playbook, the install has our demo chalkboard and playbook files. To overwrite them with the Wing-T Offense files, simply download them. No need to back up the current files.

  1. Close Coach's Office

  2. Download the chalkboard (pro only) and playbook

  3. Save each file to the Coach's Office folder.

    • Windows XP: Local Drive C/Program Files/coachsoffice

    • Windows 8, 7, Vista: Local Drive C/coachsoffice

  4. Open Coach's Office and edit the chalkboard plays and playbook pages to your specifications.

Download Chalkboard (Replaces Current Chalkboard)

To replace your current chalkboard file, follow the instructions above for Start New, replacing only the chalkboard file. [download]

  • We chose a number of different page layouts

  • Included some tables for the player assignments

  • Added text over a couple of the play boxes

  • Put a defense against one of the offenses (Waggle).




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