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Blank Replacement Files

Download Blank Files for a New Season or Replacement


Chalkboard & Playbook & Script

Many coaches have asked us how to quickly delete their chalkboard and playbook entries when they begin a new season. For example, a university coach had over 600 plays and formations in his chalkboard and didn't want to delete them one at a time.


We took the chalkboard and playbook database files and deleted everything except the default formations.


Downloading the blank replacement files completely replaces the existing chalkboard and playbook files - back up your files first.

  1. Back up your current chalkboard and playbook database files to an external drive. DO NOT continue without doing this step. [back up]

    • This is in the event you want to reload it.

  2. .Close Coach's Office software.

  3. Locate the Coach's Office software folder, where you will save the download playbook.

    • Windows 8, 7: Local Drive C/coachsoffice

    • Windows XP: Local Drive C/Program Files/coachsoffice

  4. Download the blank replacement file to the Coach's Office folder.

    • Chalkboard [download]

    • Playbook [download]

    • Script [download]
    • Browse to the folder location (see Locate above)

    • Choose "yes" to overwrite the existing file

  5. Open Coach's Office with new, replacement blank program files.

Coach's Office Blank Replacement Wristband Templates

Pre-drawn blank wristband templates come with the Coach's Office playbook. (The last chapter). If you accidentally deleted the template chapter, only the wristband chapter or pages were deleted. The Coach's Office wristband function is still part of the playbook program for you to create new ones. Use the advanced Coach's Office Copy Pages Utility to copy the originals to your current playbook file.


Try this first
  • Import/restore a recent playbook backup that has the templates chapter. Any work done in the playbook since the last backup will be lost.

Download Blank Replacement Wristband Templates
There are several steps to restoring the blank templates to the current playbook file. Read carefully before starting the process.

  • Download the playbook file that has the original chapter with the three wristbands. [download]
  • Choose run (recommended): a wristband folder with the wristband file is saved in the folder named coachsoffice.
  • Or choose save: browse to the desktop or specific download folder, noting where the file is saved.
    • Go to the file and double click to begin the install.
    • A wristband folder with the wristband file is saved in the folder named coachsoffice.
  • Copy the blank wristband templates to the current playbook by using the Playbook Utility
    • Back up your current playbook [back up instructions]
    • football diagramspbView and print the one-page PDF instructions for copying the wristband templates to the current playbook file. [PDF]

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