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Practice Script & Play Cards

Coach's Office Practice Script with Play Cards


Save hours of drawing play cards by printing them from your script. The Coach's Office script software is included in the Coach's Office Pro Bundle, Pro Script, Youth Edition Bundle. [training tutorials]



Coach's Office pioneered the concept of integrating a spreadsheet-style script with play cards. The scripting makes it possible to catalog, schedule, print, and review the plays that are run in practice.

  • Enter the plays and formations from a drop down list.

  • Print play cards directly from the practice script.

  • Print 2, 4, 8, 15, or 32 plays per page from the practice script.

  • Define any combination of plays per page and orientation of the page.

  • Define practice schedule for each week.

  • Print the script and plays for the game plan.

  • Add, insert and delete rows from the script.

print football play cards


Entering Script

  • Enter the practice script into a spreadsheet format like the example shown below.

  • No need to type in the formations - simply select them from a drop list like the ones in the Chalkboard module.

  • Print play cards and game plan from the practice script each day.
football practice script


Preview Plays

  • Double-click on a line and the formations entered will be displayed for immediate review.
football practice script



football playbook

Coach Kevin Wilson Coach's Office User
Kevin Wilson, Head Coach, Indiana University
Coach's Officer User Since 1997


"I've been using the drawing, scripting, and practice card features of Coach's Office since 1997. The program has cut our practice preparation time by 70%, giving us more time to view video and work with our players. The support on this software is outstanding. I'd recommend it to any coach."



Print Options

  • The Script Module has many print options from the script you enter.

  • Print the script for each day as well as all the play cards right from the script.

  • Print 2 to 32 plays per page.

  • A distribution of the offense, front and coverage can be printed to show the number of times a formation is used.

print football playcards

Print script & play cards



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