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football playbook
Playbook Wristbands

Create & Print Wristbands in the Playbook


Coach's Office has a Show Formations drop down list feature for adding play names to a table. We developed it to make creating wristbands a snap. There are wristband layouts (templates) included that you can use or modify to fit your wristband window. You can also create your own from scratch.


How the Show Formations tool in the playbook Word Processing toolbar works

  1. Create a table in a Word box.

    • Click the cursor in a row.

  2. Click the Show Formations tool.

    • The drop down lists display: offense, play name (from script), front name, and coverage name.

  3. Choose a name from one or more of the drop down lists.

    • Use a combination of play names from the lists and typed text.

quarterback wristband




football playbook

2-Column Triple Window Wristband

football playbook
wristband 2 columns
Top part of the 2-column triple window wristband (included)


Don't print wristbands from a spreadsheet program!

Instead of laying out wristbands in a spreadsheet and typing the play names each time, use the wristband feature in the playbook.


You've already entered play and formation names into the chalkboard list - in the offense, front, and coverage drop down boxes. And if you have the script, you may have added names to the play names list. Now you can access those names from the playbook Word box.




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