Learn how to use Coach's Office football software

Video Format Update

August 17, 2017
Recently, we've had several coaches tell us they cannot view our video tutorials in the current "f" Flash SWF format. We are in the process of converting the videos to mp4 format and will insert them into the categories below. We are also creating a YouTube Channel of the converted files and will post that link soon. We appreciate your patience during this unexpected conversion process. If you have any problems, please contact us.

We are working to create new, updated tutorials of the latest Coach's Office version, most of which will be available later this year. 


This tutorial explains how to open the Coach's Office software programs.


You will learn how to draw plays and formations, save and delete files, and print a single play card.
Creating an offense and defense for 12-man Canadian football is easy with these simple instructions.
Learn to copy & paste routes, rotate blocks, zoom in on play box, position plays in play box, resize and move text box.
In this advance-level tutorial, learn how to draw a complex passing tree in the chalkboard and add numbers and route desriptions in the playbook.


Learn how to add chapters, pages, plays from the chalkboard; how to use word processing; more.
Learn how to change/redefine box types, add a text box description on top of a play box, zoom in on a play, more.
Create multi-purpose tables right in your playbook.
Learn how to use the Playbook Utility to move pages and chapters.
The playbook comes with three popular wristband layouts that you can modify - or create new ones of your own.
Print your playbook pages to a PDF and distribute electronically, print on another computer, or display on an iPad.
Use the pro playbook template builder to create customized page templates or modify existing ones.
The PDF file is similar to the video but includes an additional section on custom presentation templates.


In the script tutorial, learn how to script weekly practices and print the practice script and play cards.


This tutorial gives instructions on creating and showing a slideshow presentation of the playbook. The presentation is created in the playbook and shown in the slideshow (in Coach's Office).
Use the slideshow ACI to save pages and/or plays in the playbook to Hudl.
This tutorial gives detailed instructions on how to attach video clips to Coach's Office playbook pages and play them in the slideshow.


Keep an external backup of your Coach's Office database files: chalkboard, playbook (with wristbands, custom templates), script.